Gabriel James Dungan

Minister of Technology

“The Minister of the Department of Technology started young in his conquest of technology. He learned to set the time on a VCR when he was only three years old! Mother never went without her soaps and neither should you! I was a child of the 1970’s in a rural apple orchard farm, a true latch key kid. I don’t know how many tree trunks I painted white, how many miles I put on my Honda 50cc minibike, or how many hours I tinkered with various computers, but the hours are there, and my hatred of Crocs and fruit wax guide me into the future. I am self-educated, neurodivergent, and ready to take on any challenge you bring to me. I once fixed a soda machine with a paperclip. I’m still dealing with the lawsuit from that and the attorneys who the real-life MacGyver hired. Who would have thought that they own the rights to fixing stuff?  I’m sad to tell you that the rest of my biography is classified, unless you have our nation’s highest security clearance. Thank you for understanding. Should you like to become cleared to hear more please complete your application for security clearance and citizenship.”