Knox King

Director of Slowjamastan ID Design

“I am a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and consultant who started in the early days of Bitcoin by building the computers that mine cryptocurrency. When it became to inefficient and wasn’t cost effective anymore because of the costs of electricity,  I bought some of the machines which were only made in limited numbers at the time called ASIC miners and actually used them to heat my home because they made the power bill really high and created so much heat and that’s how I offset the cost of the power bill, but this was all in the early days when a Bitcoin was only $200 for one and they have been up to $70k a piece nearly and now are hovering around $30k a piece. I mined 25 coins in total over the next few years and now I just buy sell and trade cryptocurrencies but mostly just advise and consult with other investors for free most of the time just to promote cryptocurrency but I was born in Bern, Switzerland on May 20th 1984, graduated from high school and attended some college and met my ex-wife when I was 22 years old in America I have 7seven children and am a world traveler but not near the extent of the Sultan’s travels but most recently was on a journey through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua all the way to Costa Rica by SUV, so yes my friends and fellow citizens,  I drove the entire trip down there and back to the USA and that was about a 2 year adventure but my trip was to spread the word of cryptocurrency and try to bring together more investors to do what El Salvador has done and make Bitcoin a legal currency in their country but they are mining cryptocurrency with geothermal energy from volcanic heat from down below the ground.

I wanted to convince many other countries and locations to do these same 2 things in Central and South America as there is a lot of geothermal energy down there from the amount of volcanoes both above and below ground. Other than that adventure I have been back to Switzerland in 2009 after I got married.  Also when I was 12 years old I was a student ambassador and went to 6 countries in 22 days including France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg and the Netherlands.  In total after my next trip I will have been back to many countries in Europe in total 6 adventures back to my home continent but I speak a little German, most Spanish I can fully understand and speak quite a bit of it,  but I am still learning and am obviously fluent in American English! I am also a certified electrician and have done construction jobs all through high school from the ground up and hope to get to Slowjamastan ASAP and help to get things built up to the point of getting the international airport done or at least an airport where people from afar don’t have to come through the US to get to Slowjamastan! I am so excited to be a part of this! VIVA SLOWJAMASTAN!”