Amy Barzdukas

Ambassador to Uzupis


Behold Amy Barzdukas, Slowjamastan’s ambassador to the land of Užupis, where practicality meets the peculiar in a diplomatic dance. Armed with a briefcase full of spreadsheets and a pocketful of kazoo melodies, she strides confidently into the realm of quirkiness. Her mission? To navigate the fine line between Slowjamastan’s precision and Užupis’ spontaneous artistry.

Wearing an avant-garde beret that exudes just the right amount of whimsy and sophistication, Barzdukas is an embodiment of fusion diplomacy. She’s been spotted engaging in intense debates on National Underwear Day and engaging in spirited negotiations with Užupis’ elected cat officials.

A master of interpretive dance diplomacy, she’s known for translating complex economic discussions into graceful pirouettes. Barzdukas ensures that Slowjamastan’s relations with Užupis remain harmonious, proving that even the most unconventional partnerships can be orchestrated to perfection.