Exclusive Opportunity: Name a State


The Republic of Slowjamastan is a sovereign nation made up of 12 territories or “states,” surrounding our capital and administrative seat of Dublândia.

On November 11th, 2021, the Sultan generously approved Parliament’s efforts to offer naming rights of all 12 states to the public.

Imagine being able to name an actual state! It could be VanessaVille, or LouTopia! TheresaTown or BobOpolis! CynthiaCity, BartBurg? You choose!



State naming rights include:

-Official federal recording of new state name (yours!)

-Identifying sign at entrance to state

-Instant citizenship and state governor title

-Passport and ID

-Personal meet and greet with the Sultan

-TV feature on the Slowjamastan News Network

-Visa-free access to Slowjamastan

-Slowjamastan prize pack 

-This is not a lease or any ownership of property



Limited-time introductory special price: $1,999 USD. All taxes and recording fees are included. One state per person limit.
Normal price (after June 2023) is $10,000 USD plus taxes and recording fees.

Note from The Sultan: My friends, we have sold all state naming rights but one. Congratulations to our early believers who got in when no one knew (or cared) about us! We have ONE state left to name and welcome a business or brand to contact us if they are interested. It’s still like the early days of Google and Tesla…don’t sleep on Slowjamastan! CONTACT US HERE to secure your state! 

A reminder that citizenship in Slowjamastan is always FREE! It doesn’t cost a cent to be a part of our great nation, interact with us, etc. Slowjamastan is what YOU make it! If you are interested in a premium position (Ambassador, etc.) Just go HERE!