Rome was not built in a day. Neither was Slowjamastan. However, the Sultan is working tirelessly to build this great nation from the ground up. Want to lend a hand?

If you reside close to The Republic (in nearby USA: Borrego Springs, Westmorland, Imperial County, San Diego, etc.) and have any trade skills whatsoever, The Slowjamastan Department of Labor needs you!

We’re especially looking for:
-Skilled fence installers
-Concrete layers/masons
-Pole and sign installers (pole dancers are welcome, too – someone’s gotta keep the workers entertained!)
-Sculptors (art, statues, monuments)
-Deputies (security, to check on the property when you can)
-Wikipedia author and publisher (we need a page!)
-Pie, taco and moonshine and makers 

We pay very little but compensate with citizenship, diplomatic immunity, political office appointments and Slow Jams.

So grab a shovel and meet us in Slowjamastan!

Inquire within by contacting us HERE.