Rome was not built in a day. Neither was Slowjamastan. However, the Sultan is working tirelessly to build this great nation from the ground up. Want to lend a hand?

If you reside close to The Republic (in nearby USA: Borrego Springs, Westmorland, Imperial County, San Diego, etc.) and have any trade skills whatsoever, The Slowjamastan Department of Labor needs you!

We’re especially looking for:
-Skilled fence installers
-Concrete layers/masons
-Pole and sign installers (pole dancers are welcome, too – someone’s gotta keep the workers entertained!)
-Sculptors (art, statues, monuments)
-Deputies (security, to check on the property when you can)

-Pie, taco and moonshine and makers 

We pay very little but compensate with citizenship, diplomatic immunity, political office appointments and Slow Jams.

So grab a shovel and meet us in Slowjamastan!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO OUR FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF AMERICA: Please note, Slowjamastan is completely surrounded by The United States of America, and since our International Airport is not quite ready, you can only enter Slowjamastan via the US. At this time, we do not offer visa support for the USA. Please see our TRAVEL ADVISORY.

Inquire within by contacting us HERE.