Become a Slowjamastan Citizen!

Becoming a Slowjamastani is easy! Just fill out the form below and you’re in!

Citizenship (including name listing) is free. If you’d like an official, signed citizenship letter from The Sultan and a photo on our website, please GO HERE to our PREMIUM citizenship upgrade.


1. Subscribe to/follow our nation’s social media accounts:

*if you don’t have accounts with all of the platforms, it’s okay.


2. Complete application in full (below). After you submit the application, you are not done! Kindly follow the additional instructions and requirements below.

You can read all Slowjamastan laws and regulations on our website. Read them, love them, practice them.


3. OPTIONAL: Citizenship is 100% free! But if you’d like your photo published with your name (premium listing), please GO HERE to order a premium listing. Premium listings include the assignment of unique citizen number, signed letter from The Sultan and more!


This is a very exciting and special opportunity. Premium citizens, allow 24-48 hours. For standard applications, please allow between 48-hours to 180 days for approval (or denial). You can check our CITIZENS PAGE for your name. We look forward to welcoming you into our nation.




  • How will I know when I am approved?
    Unless you ordered a premium listing, we won’t send you an email. You can check our CITIZENS PAGE for your name.
  • Why is it taking so long to be approved?
    Sultan is busy running a nation. Want a quick approval – go premium, ya cheap bastard!
  • What if I don’t follow all the steps?
    You’ll never get in.
  • And what if I want to be more than a citizen? Can I be an Ambassador or join Parliament?
    Yes you can. And it will be glorious. Go HERE.
  • Why is The Sultan so good looking?
    It runs in the family.