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Z107.7FM: The Sultan of Slowjamastan – An Exclusive Interview

“Wearing Crocs is a violation against humanity – I mean, who would do that?” [LISTEN]

KCBS Radio Los Angeles: San Diego Radio DJ Declared 11-acre Piece of Land as Sovereign Nation 

“If you find yourself driving on Highway 78 in the desert outside of San Deigo and see a sign that says “Republic of Slowjamastan” you have officially crossed into a new Micro-nation.” [LISTEN]

France: Un homme crée son propre pays dans le désert californien qu’il a nommé le Slowjamastan

Un DJ bien connu de San Diego, Randy Williams a créé son propre pays dans le désert californien qu’il a nommé le [READ MORE] Welcome to Slowjamastan

“Some of Slowjamastan’s greatest assets are its people. Our doors are wide open for citizenship and we boast members from all over the world – from India to Zimbabwe; from Hungary to Australia. It’s the people that really make Slowjamastan the greatest micronation on earth.” [READ MORE]

Gay Desert Guide: Week of February 7, 2022

“There’s a new micronation run by a dictator bent on renaming the Salton Sea the ‘Sultan Sea’.” [READ MORE]

RAMP: Greetings from Slowjamastan 

“What do I do after I’ve seen every nation in the world? Basically, I ran out of countries, so I decided to make my own!” [READ MORE]

All Access: Sunday Night Slow Jams’ Host R Dub! Creates ‘Republic Of Slowjamastan’

“Benztown syndicated Sunday Night Slow Jams Creator/Host/Producer R Dub! has created his own ‘micronation,’ The eoublic of Slowjamastan on an 11-acre plot of land he owns in California’s Imperial County desert. ” [READ MORE]

Ramblin’ Randy: 4th Stan…Slowjamastan!

“A little over an hour later, the trees and cacti had disappeared. The landscape became a little softer and simpler, with the raw sand of the desert floor becoming more prominent, dotted with spaced-out shrubs. The big blue sky and the mountains in the distance gave off pastel hues under the morning sun. I saw wooden survey markers with neon flags to my right. We’d arrived in Slowjamastan. I fell instantly in love with my land. This was beautiful.” [READ MORE]