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  ADVISORY: Be on high alert for smuggled Crocs this upcoming weekend (source: Slowjamastani Intelligence)


PLAY FOR FREE NOW: Slowjamastan Trivia

     BY HARVEY SCHMIDLAP  l  STAFF WRITER February 28th, 2024   Dublândia: Have you heard? We’re giving away up to $1,000 cash or a trip to Slowjamastan during Tuesday Night Trivia: a live, interactive online game show, hosted by


April 27th: Grand Unveiling in Slowjamastan (INVITE)

    BY HARVEY SCHMIDLAP  l  STAFF WRITER February 28th, 2024   Dublândia: Concerned citizens, passers-by and even American law enforcement agencies are showing growing concern over the unidentified and gargantuan steel object currently being constructed inside the borders of


MUST SEE: Tremendous National Tour (VIDEO)

       BY HARVEY SCHMIDLAP  l  STAFF WRITER February 28th, 2024   Dublândia: The meddling foreign media often gets us “wrong,” as evidenced in so many “fake news” reports about our great nation. This month, however, we were pleased


Slowjamastan Consulate in the USA: ALL-ACCESS TOUR

       BY HARVEY SCHMIDLAP  l  STAFF WRITER February 25th, 2024   San Diego: Ah, brace yourselves for the latest spectacle from the Slowjamastan Department of Media and Communications! Behold, the grand unveiling of the 360-degree video tour


New Passport Unboxing and Reveal: Republic of Slowjamastan

       BY HARVEY SCHMIDLAP  l  STAFF WRITER February 21st, 2024   Dublândia: Hot off the press, our Sultan and esteemed Parliament has just unveiled the most anticipated unboxing event of the century: introducing the (drumroll)…NEW PASSPORT! In


Win up to $1,000: Play Slowjamastan Trivia!

    Play Tuesday Night Trivia for a Chance to Win up to $1,000 or a Trip to Slowjamastan! Introducing Slowjamastan’s Tuesday Night Trivia, a live and interactive online game show taking place every Tuesday night at 6:00PM PST, 9PM


The Truth Revealed: The Sultan’s Accent

       BY HARVEY SCHMIDLAP  l  STAFF WRITER January 25th, 2024   Dublândia: In a shocking revelation that left linguists bewildered and accents worldwide shaking in their phonetic boots, the Sultan of Slowjamastan finally spilled the beans on


Happy Independence Day: What We’ve Learned in the Last Two Years of Running a Nation

  BY THE SULTAN  l  SUPREME LEADER December 1, 2023   Dublândia: December 1st, 2023 marks the two-year anniversary of independence for The People’s Republic of Slowjamastan. It was on this very day, exactly two years ago, that The Sultan


We believe in freedom for all citizens of Slowjamastan. You want pancakes for dinner? Do it. Fancy a pet aardvark? Do that, too. There’s not much you can’t do in Slowjamastan, however, please refer to our national laws and regulations. 

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Slowjamastanians are bound by honor. Our word is bond. Valour, chivalry, honesty, and compassion are all important values to us. We do the right thing, follow the golden rule, and don’t use speakerphone in public.

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We respect the land, the animals, our leader, each other. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to Slowjamastan. A little respect. (Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me.) R-E-S-P-E-C-T. A little respect.

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Joe Lindsay

Director of Land Management 

Matt Conde


Slowjamastan Security Forces


95 Political appointee 
positions available


Now, you can have a piece of Slowjamastan for yourself.

We’re currently offering citizenship. Grab a passport in our shop. Even diplomatic and political appointments for qualified applicants are available. 

If you promise never to wear Crocs inside The Republic, listen to mumble rap, or drive in the passing lane while not passing – you’re our kinda citizen. Git’cher butt down here!

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