Banish Them from an Entire COUNTRY!


Is there someone that shouldn’t be allowed to even set foot in The Republic of Slowjamastan?

An enemy, an ex-boyfriend, a horrible co-work or cruel boss? Maybe it’s the rude lady at the DMV or your brother’s wife (who you just can’t stand.) Or why not go big and banish a politician you think is evil or that pop star whose music is garbage?

Here is where you have the power to banish just about anyone – and keep them out of the promised land that is The Republic of Slowjamastan…forever!!!

Upon approval from The Sultan, we’ll notify all Slowjamastanian authorities–including border patrol and federal police–that this person (the banishee) is not permitted to enter The Republic of Slowjamastan. Should banishee already be inside our borders, they will be immediately hunted down, tarred and feathered, and escorted out of our nation by a marching band playing German polkas. This is not a game.

A small administration fee applies.