Dr. Saibyasachi Barua


Dr. Saibyasachi Barua is a freelance journalist, writer, researcher and humanitarian. He Received Honorary Doctorate Degree and a Masters in Humanitarianism from LADC Institute, California, USA. He Completed Part 1 Associated Charter Certified Accountant (ACCA), UK And Bachelor Business of Administration (BBA). He received 8 awards for contributing to youth leadership services.

A world traveler, Dr. Barua serves the International NGO position of Global Peace Ambassador and World Peace Ambassador. He is a honorary member of Board Zeus Foundation of Zeus College of Management Studies and an official member of International Model United Nations (IMUN).

Dr. Barua wishes to make a difference in this world. On a large scale, he’s passionate about peace for everyone and believes that no one should ever go hungry or cold. He understands that no “one” person can accomplish such a large, global goal, but if we break it down to what is in front of us and begin spreading peace and love with ourselves, our families and communities then we can accomplish the larger, global goals.

“We are connected. Everything is connected. Every piece is the whole piece. I shall be a part of peace, which will be the whole peace. We are in the midst of a deep shift in human consciousness. The work of our time is to learn to live in alignment with the structures and processes of living earth. If we step back, we can discern the outlines of an emerging interracial, intercultural global-scale social movement — an inclusive intersect oral movement of movements — converging on a trajectory toward a living earth future.”