For Parliament and Ambassadors Only: Order Official Business Cards

Take your role in Slowjamastan to the next level with official Slowjamastan business cards!

You get 250 high-quality, custom Slowjamastan business cards for $49.99, which includes design, printing and shipping.

Orders shipped outside of the continental US will incur an additional shipping charge.

Printed on superior uncoated stock, these cards are as sexy as your Sultan!

We are providing business cards to you AT COST, with no added fees and no profit. It’s just one of the many benefits of being a member of Slowjamastan Parliament.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because we are providing you with business cards at our cost, we can NOT offer revisions or edits once you submit your order, so please TRIPLE CHECK your entries before you submit the form. Use the reference/guide below to help you design your business card.

TEMPLATE/GUIDE: Refer to the red letters (A, B, C, etc.) and use the form below to customize and order your business cards.


What's your title? Ambassador to Wisconsin? Minister of Margaritas? Director of Dingleberries?
Don't forget the area code!
What is your main social media handle? For example, if your Instagram is @funnybunny, simply type: @funnybunny
Leave blank if you'd like to use @slowjamastan
If you have a website, type it here. You can also use your Facebook or other social media page, example:
You can also leave blank and we will use for the website.
You can leave this field blank if you don't want to share your address. Because what's fun about stalkers?
What is your "office" called? For example: "Consulate of Slowjamastan in Milwaukee," "Bureau of Burrito Affairs," etc.

And now...where shall we send these awesome cards to?

Please note an additional shipping charge will apply to orders shipped outside of The United States (we'll need to use our plane!)

Your Final Total (including design, printing and shipping) $49.99

Cards shipped outside The United States are subject to an additional shipping fee. We will contact you with exact price before we begin.