Brian Reese

Minister of Mediocrity

“My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father…

I often sneak into other countries, steal their leaders automobiles and shrink them for my collection. Some people call these ‘Hot Wheels.’

I have reproduced three times, I’m sorry to the rest of the world that there is more of my DNA running around than you feel comfortable with. 2 of my tiny offspring have become Citizens of Slowjamastan and one is reluctant. Breaden and Connor Reese are the ones who have been welcomed as citizens.

We have a tiny dog like creature, referred to as a Chihuahua, and his name is Papito but we call him Papi.

I have been battling teaching my tiny offspring about the dangers of wearing socks with sandals but their tiny brains cannot comprehend this level of danger yet.

Genealogy is also a hobby and I have discovered that George Lucas is my cousin, but sadly I will probable never meet him nor receive any correspondence from him either.”