Carla Burdt

Ambassador to Temecula

Introducing Carla Burdt, our illustrious Ambassador to the exotic and world-renowned city of Temecula! 

Carla, with her vast expertise in wine tasting and knowledge of suburban vineyards, is uniquely qualified to represent our nation in this thriving metropolis. With her finely tuned palate, she can spot a good chardonnay from a mile away and navigate the treacherous terrain of wine cellars with ease.

Her diplomatic skills? Well, let’s just say she’s a pro at diffusing disagreements over which Merlot is the best. And who could forget her expertise in small talk at wine-tasting parties? Carla has elevated it to an art form that rivals even the most eloquent philosophers.

So, let’s raise our glasses to Ambassador Carla Burdt, whose mission is to ensure that the fine people of Temecula and our nation enjoy the smoothest diplomatic relations (and wines) possible.