Deryk Langlais

Ambassador to Japan

Introducing Deryk Langlais, a professor so astute he makes Einstein look like a preschool finger-painter. As Slowjamastan’s Ambassador to Japan, he’s bridging the gap between tranquility and chill. With a PhD in Sarcasm and a minor in Tea Ceremony Swag, Professor Langlais is more than just an academic; he’s the maestro orchestrating symphonies of serenity. His diplomatic skills? Impeccable. He could negotiate world peace with a bonsai tree and a playlist of smooth jazz. Rumor has it he once convinced Godzilla to switch to decaf. In the realm of intellect, Langlais is the Dumbledore of Slowjamastan, and his beard has its own library card. So, if you ever find yourself in need of enlightenment, guidance, or just a good laugh, knock on Professor Deryk Langlais’s door—it’s the one adorned with a diploma and a sign that says, “Keep it chill or keep it moving.”