Robert DiFerdinando

Ambassador to Florida

Ambassador DiFerdinando holds a 40+ year career in fire rescue service and is currently a Chief Officer, retiring soon.

DiFerdinando also spent 20+ years as an instructor at University Miami School of Medicine, teaching post graduate medical education to paramedics, firefighters, nurses and doctors.

He is a 25+ year owner of real estate brokerage in Florida, where his primary residence is in Boca Raton.

DiFerdinando enjoys the theme parks of Orlando, including Epcot, to drink and eat around the world, giving him much experience in international relations and negotiating international deals.

Earlier in life DiFerdinando was as avid skier and visited St Mortiz, Switzerland for two weeks, skiing and staying at the two best best hotels in the world (1995). He skied the glaciers in Austria, and all over the US.