Diplomatic License Plate and Registration




Full Diplomatic Immunity could be yours! Imagine being able to be left alone to – not to worry if you are going over the speed limit, if your tint is too dark, or if your registration expired. With Slowjamastan diplomatic plates and registration, worry no more. Best yet, there is no expiration date and the plates and registration are fully transferable to any other vehicle that you own.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These plates and vehicle registration papers are only valid inside The Republic of Slowjamastan.
The only other countries that recognize these plates and credentials are: Equatorial Guinea, Transnistria, Nauru, and Western Sahara.  And even there, we wouldn’t chance it. (Fun fact – The Sultan has been to all those countries. Proof HERE.)

Price: $59.99 + $5.99 shipping and handling.
Total: $65.98
This is the price for Slowjamastan and United States only. International orders, please contact us for shipping price.

You can Venmo $65.98 to @sundaynightslowjams or use the Paypal link here: