The Republic of Slowjamastan is a sovereign, independent nation. Our nation extends the hand of friendship to all people of every land. We are always interested in exploring positive, informal relations with other countries.

Effective 26th August, 2022, The Republic of Slowjamastan will no longer enter into formal diplomatic relations with any other nation. Rather, we will entertain only informal relationships between our nation and others. Inspired by our friend (and President of Molossia) Kevin Baugh, this change in policy reflects our realization that our foreign policy has been restrictive and not in accordance with the concept of Declarative Statehood. Declarative Statehood is a cornerstone of the concept of small, or “micro” nations, and is recognized by certain larger nations, in accordance with the Montevideo Convention of 1933. Simply put, it states that a nation does not have to be recognized by another nation in order for it to exist and be sovereign. This is the approach that Slowjamastan uses to deal with larger nations that do not recognize us. Thus, it is logical to apply the same standard to dealing with smaller, unrecognized nations.

Thus, our policy is simple: We will be friendly toward all other nations, but we will not entertain formal relations. This also precludes treaties, embassies or alliances of any kind. They are not necessary; you do not need to be recognized by Slowjamastan in order to be sovereign, any more than you need to be recognized by a larger nation in order to be sovereign. If you state your sovereignty, that is good enough for our government, as is should be for all.

It is important to understand that this is not an isolationist foreign policy. We welcome friendly informal relations with all nations, large and small, and we pledge our assistance and friendship in helping any new nation develop. Please do not hesitate to contact our government if we can be of any assistance.


Source: We've adopted this policy, and most of its language, from The Republic of Molossia.