Jenn Hill

Minister of Graffiti

I am beyond honored to represent Colorado and graffiti for Slowjamastan! I am 44 going on 14, a roller derby/rugby queen with a huge love for anything involving octane and ink! My husband and I have an amazingly talented and beautiful 14 going on 30-year-old daughter who keeps us busy, but I have no idea where all her sass and sarcasm comes from?!

My hubby, Bryan Hill, and I own a garage called Durango Car Care, helping the broken return to the road. I am restoring a 1946 Studebaker dump truck that will be cut and placed on a new chassis powered by a Cummins Turbo. I’m still trying to recover it from the oil and muck from its past home, but promise to drive her out to Slowjamastan for an official selfie when complete. I’m can be found covered in ink and grease, near one of the five antique letter presses I own and operate by hand. These antique and rare monsters are the size of cars and are hand fed. I own 16 Tons of lead movable type used by the Denver Post as far back as 1890 and I will gladly offer it all to Slowjamastan for future publications.

I believe that graffiti is glorious and plan on spearheading some community murals with other Slowjamastan citizens. Let me know if you wish to be on the newly formed Board of Directors of Graffiti for Slowjamastan. Please never hesitate to contact me. Let me know how to be of service.