Ian Rodriguez

Attorney General

Ian Hogaert Rodriguez brings with him over a decade of experience in myriad areas of the law, including governmental affairs, legislative policy, public relations, fender benders, and territory acquisition.  He is a strong lobbyist and a compelling orator, and is best known for his hallmark oratory skills, and the countless leather bound books he keeps in his collection (see pictures in bio).

When Ian is not battling it out with Congress or the Federal District Court, he enjoys collecting rare potato chips which resemble US Presidents, crafting custom snake skin boots, playing stick ball, and bear crawling through the desert terrain while hunting scorpions.  Ian has a large family of loyal Slowjamastanis. His sons are Reemus, Hanz, Hogaert Jr., Chappy, and Bartolo.  His daughters Helga and Agatha are named after the famous Viking warrior princesses of the Nordic Tribes.  His lovely betrothed goes by the name of Lynnsie.

The Republic looks optimistically to the future now bringing the strong advocacy, experience, and leadership of the Lead Hog to bear.