Kevin Daniel BoJackson Byrne

Lorde Chancellor

Hey there! I’m Kevin Daniel BoJackson Byrne, the electrically-charged, heart-on-sleeve kind of guy. At 40, I’m a husband, father, uncle, boss, coach, mentor, and a dreamer with a vision as vast as the night sky.

Born in the blue-collar heartlands of Levittown, Pennsylvania; I spent my childhood and early years in a metaphorical deep sleep while my mom chased her nursing dream (go, Mom!), and my dad became the king of his castle. But, when I was 3 years old their paths diverged, leading to a divorce which left its mark on me. Yet, by 35 years old, in a true hero’s journey, I awoke from this slumber, my eyes suddenly wide open to the realities of our world and the opportunities that life had to offer. With this awakening, I began to dream BIG, as I embraced a world of endless possibilities.

While I’ve always been a soft-hearted guy in a tough-guy world, construction isn’t exactly known for its touchy-feely moments. So, navigating the landscape of masculinity while keeping my heart on my sleeve has been my real-life adventure, and I’ve learned to find strength in vulnerability and power in empathy.

My early exposure to the electric trades was not just a career choice but a metaphor for my life – connecting wires, fixing circuits, and bringing light into dark places. Just like troubleshooting a tricky wiring issue, I learned to navigate the complexities of human relationships with patience and a problem-solving mindset.

The shift from deep sleep to wide-awake wasn’t just about opening my eyes to new possibilities. It was about understanding that life is a series of interconnected circuits – family, work, dreams, and the pursuit of happiness. Each aspect of my life, from being a family man to mentoring young minds in construction, was about making those connections count.

In an exciting turn, my journey has now led me to a unique role: being Lorde Chancellor of Slowjamastan. In this new capacity, I aim to utilize my life’s experiences to help build a new nation. One of a True Republic, where the lessons learned in both personal and professional life can contribute to the foundation of a community that values empathy, resilience, and harmony. This role presents a challenge I embrace wholeheartedly, blending my skills and dreams to create a brighter future for all.

So here I am, a living testament to the belief that it’s never too late to wake up to your dreams. Whether it’s guiding the next generation of construction enthusiasts, being a pillar of strength and understanding for my family, or pioneering a new path as Lorde Chancellor, I am committed to living a life that’s electric in every sense of the word.

In this chapter of my life, I am more than just a tradesman; I am a traveler on a journey towards enlightenment, an advocate for emotional intelligence in the masculine world, and a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream BIG!