Kirsten “KiKi” Gordon

Ambassador to Philadelphia

“I was born in 1980 and  grew up on a mountain in New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey has mountains and, yes, I grew up on one; in a log cabin (we had plumbing). I played soccer from ages 5-20 and then blew out my knees. After my potential participation in the Olympics were crushed (I was that good and, I was on a national team playing in Sweden at one point), I found myself in Philadelphia. I enjoy music festivals, hanging out with my goddaughter, niece and nephew, cuddling with my ginger kitty boy, Hendrix James and listening to True Crime podcasts; future investigator for Slowjamastan? I work as a site manager for Clinical Trials and love being a part of cutting edge science. You will always find me with colorful hair and getting tattoos is one of my favorite pastimes.”