Kim Martinous

Ambassador to Massachusetts

“I am humbled to be the Diplomat for Massachusetts and will honor the commitment to the hate of Crocs, practice proper stringcheesery, and adhere to all rules of this really, really  awesome place, ‘your’ nation of Slowjamastan!

I am happy to be a  citizen of the smallest Nation. Originally I am from the smallest state, Rhode Island. A few years back I made a life change and moved to Massachusetts which isn’t so small to pursue my love of all things small by starting a microfarm.

It was in Massachusetts that I learned of the full meaning of the four seasons. Snow shoveling season, mud season, grass cutting season, and nutting season. Nutting season being my least favorite. You may not be familiar with nutting so I will explain. When you have a metal roof and the acorns drop on it they launch off violently in all directions and you are never safe and always under constant attack of nuts. Slowjamastan seems to be the perfect environment of sand and weather consistency.

I am a mother to humans, dogs, cats, roosters, chickens and ducks. In a world of pronouns I identify as The. She. It. Taker on of too many things.

I’m my professional life I am a giver to access for assistance for the poor, disabled and the most vulnerable individuals. This admirable work provides no recognition or gratitude and I prefer it that way.”