Purchase a Hard Copy of Your Citizenship Approval Letter


We are so pleased to award you with citizenship, including a free, downloadable copy of your official approval letter, signed by The Sultan. This was attached to the email you received. 

You may download the photo to share on social media, and the PDF may be printed and framed. 

Should you desire the physical, original, hard copy of the letter – we can send that to you to.



The original is printed on full-color official Slowjamastan linen stationary. It is addressed to you and personally signed by the Sultan. It is stamped by The Office of The Sultan. Perhaps the best feature is the finishing touch: the embossed, platinum state seal, affixed to the letter.

We believe this original, hand signed copy would be a very special memento from The Republic of Slow Jamastan, and at very least, make all your friends and family extremely jealous, we assure you.

You may purchase the original copy of your document for just $19.99 and shipping is free. You may send Venmo for $19.99 to @sundaynightslowjams, or use the PayPal link below.