Lucretia Torva

Vice Regent of Cosmic Creativity

“I paint for a living and I paint for fun! Born in the Midwest, I grew up in Europe when my Dad was sent with Caterpillar Tractor Company. I appreciate culture, history and art. I went to high school and college in Central Illinois. I have lived on the East Coast and been in Phoenix, AZ for over 20 years.

Art is philosophical for me and a place to contemplate how thoughts create stories and how imagination creates reality. I have a strong desire to assist people to experience life more fully. Through realism, careful attention to detail, rich colors and unusual points of view, my art can prompt a viewer to marvel at existence, to be more keenly aware of their surroundings and be more intrigued with their environment and their life. I specialize in automotive subjects as well as portraits, but have painted almost everything from pets to landscapes to Pop Art.

Everyone is creative and has the potential of enriching their life and the lives of those around them by using their imagination to move into a better future. When we solve problems and share ideas, we are using our creativity. The citizens of this new nation deserve to live full and creative lives and I am here to support them in this endeavour. You may see my art at