Slowjamastan’s national TV network has launched via our official YouTube channel HERE.






Slowjamastan’s national radio station is Slow Jams Radio.

In partnership with iHeart Radio, Slow Jams Radio is a 24-hour, all-Slow Jams radio station. Slow Jams Radio features a special mix of Slow Jams from today and yesterday. Along with the greatest Slow Jams ever recorded, the station features the world’s top Slow Jams DJs, including R Dub!, Lisa St. Regis and Xavier “The X-Man.”

Our great leader, The Sultan Randy Williams, serves as the Program Director for  Slow Jams Radio.

At this time, Slow Jams Radio is only available online. Slowjamastan does not yet have a terrestrial AM or FM radio station.

CLICK HERE to listen to Slow Jams Radio.