A message from The Slowjamastan Department of Immigration:

Do not attempt to use this passport for international travel or risk fines and/or imprisonment.

This is not an official travel document and not valid for international travel, federal borders, airports, etc.

The Republic of Slowjamastan accepts no responsibility for any damages that may arise by using/presenting this novelty passport to officials in countries other than Slowjamastan.

Caring for your passport: Keep passport in a dry, cool place, away from moisture.
Do not get your passport wet, especially the data page. The data page is printed in special ink, so if you are captured, you can erase your info quickly, with saliva. This is for your own protection. Unless you want the info erased, take special care not rub the data page.




Q. So I can’t travel with the Slowjamastan passport?

A. Correct. This passport is NOT valid for travel. You risk punishment if you try and present this for official travel and/or identification purposes. It’s just for fun.


Q. But what if I want another country’s stamp inside my beautiful Slowjamastan passport?

A. Well yeah, that would be pretty bad-ass, wouldn’t it?
After presenting your regular, official passport to be processed entry or exit,  you may – at your own risk – respectfully request to have your Slowjamastan passport stamped by immigration. This has worked for some of our citizens several times. Other times, they have simply been denied. Keep in mind that many immigration officers do not have a sense of humor, so tread lightly. Know that even presenting a novelty passport like this can cause issues. We will not be held responsible for any damages that arise. Do this at your own risk.


Slowjamastan passport stamped by South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Q. How do I get my Slowjamastan passport stamped with the coveted “Slowjamastan” stamp?

A. You may, at no charge, have your passport stamped “in” and “out” by our officials in Slowjamastan (when we’re there, of course), or by making an appointment our official Consulate in San Diego, California, USA. We can also issue entry and exit stamps by mail, for a small postage and handling fee. Contact us HERE to arrange this.


Stamps sexy AF.


Q. Why the hell don’t I have my own Slowjamastan passport yet???

A. We were wondering the same thing. Order one HERE before prices go up.



This message is provided by The Slowjamastan Department of Immigration, under supervision by The Office of The Sultan.