The Sexiest, Shortest Podcast You will Ever Experience!


600 Seconds with The Sultan stars The Sultan and Friends – and is meant to give our Parliament, Ambassadors and Loyalists a quick update of all things Slowjamastan – focusing on the things we have NOT yet made public.

For example, in Episode One, we discuss:

-Our very first car race, and how you can be a part of it
-Special, limited-minting of the 100 Duble coin and how you can get it FIRST
-What really happened at MicroCon than we didn’t talk about publicly.
-Shout outs to new Parliament members and Ambassadors
-We unveil the HUGE surprise coming out to Slowjamastan on October 29th…nobody knows yet!

You can subscribe to our Podcast for just Two Dubles a month (we’ve converted it already for your convenience: $2/month. And this includes other extras as well.

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All podcasts are limited to 600 seconds, to limit unnecessary rambling and small talk.