You’re on Way! Read below please…



What happens next:


We’ve received your application for PREMIUM CITIZEN status and are pleased to let you know that you are APPROVED!


1. Send us the name you’d like displayed (first, last) – and what COUNTRY you live in (or want to represent).

2. Include a passport style photo – a head shot with white background. If you don’t have a photo like this already, just use your phone to take a photo of yourself (shoulders and above) against a white wall. Please DO NOT crop photo – we will crop on our end. See the photos above as an example.

Email everything to info (at)

Turnaround Time: It usually takes 72 hours, however due to a backlog of applications, it may take 1-4 weeks, but rest assured, we got you!

When everything is finalized, your photo will appear on our CITIZENS PAGE and we will email you an official letter from The Sultan, along with your unique citizen number. The Sultan welcomes you to Slowjamastan!