Sakura Kitsune

Minister of Transgender Affairs

“I am Amber Lovley, but I also use the name “Sakura Kitsune” online. I am an autistic trans woman who likes to stream video games on Twitch. I also dabble in art from time to time. My main claim is being a virtual YouTuber or “Vtuber”. I mainly upload myself playing indie games like Celeste (a wonderful story-driven 2D platforming game, I highly recommend this game), Geometry Dash (a “rage game” where you have to jump through spikes and other obstacles), and OneShot (A story-driven game about a kid who must return the sun where it belongs, I highly recommend as well). Though my following is small right now, it is my dream to make this my full time job. On my YouYube channel I tend to upload highlights and level completions from my livestreams/dumb moments with my friends or animations I’ve made (it is fairly old, like 10+ years old).