State in Slowjamastan

Kathy is Governess of the newest state, Snooklyn. She is a lover of freedom, dogs, and independence! She’s passionate about volunteerism and creating positive change in the world.

“One of my favorite bits of advice to give to people is to JUST BE YOU! You can never go wrong with being your authentic self! I am looking forward to serving our people of Snooklyn!
Why Snooklyn? Why not! Snooklyn was spontaneously created on a whim. I was at a convention about Micronations representing our Mighty Sultan and the Mighty nation of Slowjamastan in Las Vegas, Nevada. I tossed the idea around in my mind about becoming a part of Slowjamastan by naming a State and dug deep into my soul to make sure that this was something I could commit to, then the manifestation started. Learning about Micro nationalism was interesting and fun, why wouldn’t I want to surround myself with such an amazing and fun group of people? I remember chatting with the Sultan in June about naming a state, but it was more jokingly! During Microcon, I was destined to become a permanent part of this with all the small signs around me and my intuition screaming at me to JUST DO IT! One tiny joking thought manifested itself into becoming a part of something so great! I am looking forward to seeing the growth of Snooklyn and Slowjamastan!”