Tony Parmenter

Chief of Chill, Minister Emeritus
(of Mental Health & Nervous System Regulation)

Chief psychotherapist of Slowjamastan and promoter of tenkara style fly-fishing and all other forms of personal strategies for ventral vagal activation of the Autonomic Nervous System. Tony’s primary role is to promote relaxation, at any cost. His roles also include managing international psychodiplomatic relations – including licensure status within Slowjamastan’s closest foreign neighbor in the United States, California, in addition to the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts. When not officially recognized by a state or nation to therapize chillness, as Chief & Minister Emeritus, Tony represents Slowjamastan by hanging out and co-regulating with citizens and supporters (evidence of such activities is visible on this page) – preferably while fly-fishing, but also over a spiked beverage, coffee, or fist full of sand (preferably Slowjama-Sand).

Additional projects include efforts to stock the soon-to-be developed Slowjamastan Lazy River with warm water fish (he is currently engaged in aquatic interviews to determine which fish are worthy to inhabit our glorious desert stream), and perfecting the design of the Slow Tram (the potential public transit system of Slowjamastan) to aid in keeping cortisol levels low among all people spending time in Slowjamastan. 

In addition to his role as Chief of Chill, Minister Emeritus, Tony is the owner and CEO of a trauma-focused psychotherapy practice, Seiyu Institute for Health & Training, which assists psychological refugees and trains other therapists within Slowjamastan and various foreign locations. he is actively involved in first responder mental health and is the first point of contact for Boarder Patrol agents who seek recovery from deflecting riotous Croc lovers, he engages in psychodiplomacy as a mental health referral source for two UFO abductee support organizations, and he trains other psychotherapists in the art of combining fly-fishing with trauma therapy. He is also a fishing rod developer and official dealer of the Sultan Fly.