Its Quiz Time

Attention, bar and restaurant owners! Join the party revolution with Jack Trivia! It’s not just trivia…it’s an electrifying experience. Find out why people are stomping their feet in excitement. You can now offer America’s best trivia show and boost your profits.

Turn Your Slow Nights Into Screaming Fun!

Trivia is a great way to get people screaming and shouting with excitement. And of course, to boost your profits as the enjoy some great beer and food! A great trivia show like Jack Trivia will keep your customers coming back for more!

A Profitable Trivia Show Hosted By Kid Corona

With the right host, even a regular night at your bar can become an unforgettable event! Make sure to trust America’s top Trivia Host: Kid Corona! His high-energy performance will have customers raving and shouting about trivia night. Mix it together with great music and you’ve got yourself one profitable trivia night.


Trivia nights are all about the competition. And, nothing keeps your players feeling motivated like the chance to win a prize. We’d say gift cards of $25, $30 or even $50 give players enough incentive for some friendly rivalry!

High Energy Music

Jack Trivia is nonstop music and high-energy fun. With an exciting vibe that promises a great time, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn in! Get ready – your customers will have a blast playing Jack Trivia!


Jack Trivia is the secret to an exciting bar night – and it has Slowjamastan’s seal of approval! Enjoy a fun evening full of trivia, amusement, prizes & more. Don’t miss out – contact them today for your next successful night in trivia!

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