Grecu Valeriu

Ambassador to Germany

At the age of 19, Ambassador Valeriu began his career as a teacher of physics, mathematics and physical education. In 2012 he was recognized as Teacher of the Year. Since 2012, Valeriu has been gaining entrepreneurial experience thanks to the launch of the “Door tot Door” project from the mobile operator “Orange,” the leader in Moldova. For five years he actively promoted the company’s services throughout the country and, thanks to the feedback, “Orange” was able to create more loyal conditions for its customers.
In 2017, Valeriu moved with his family to Germany and began to study the crypto market. In 2021 he created and managed a closed club of investors and in 2022, helped open “MetaFarm Group PLC” in the UK.

Valeriu and and his team are currently developing the technology of tokenization of real assets in various business areas. 

Valeriu is married and has three children.
“In the priority of tasks I have harmony in all respects. The business environment attracts by the fact that here I can quickly gain spiritual growth and quickly gain freedom in all its manifestations.”