The Republic of Slowjamastan is happy to announce that we have entered into a contract with America’s TV Host, Kid Corona, who has licensed The Sultan’s name and likeness for a new trivia television game show called “Win The Sultan’s Cash” presented by Jack Trivia.

Interested in playing? Here are the details.

Ultimate Trivia Rules:

  1. Zoom is the only form of communication to play the game. Make sure you have it.
  2. Provide an active email/phone contact. We will reach out to you with one of those options. 
  3. Contestants selected through our randomizer generator.
  4. Make sure we have your correct email/phone. We may contact you again to play on a future game.
  5. You have to be available on Wednesdays. Time is negotiable. 
  6. You must NEVER attempt to catch the SlowJamastan State animal (Raccoon).
  7. Provide a selfie before we award you the cash.
  8. You MUST agree to NEVER place your pies (feet) on the dashboard.
  9. If you’re a dude, never wear your polo shirt collar up like you’re a cheap Elvis impersonator. 
  10. Familiarize yourself with Every game has a related question.

AND THE FINAL RULE: Post on your social and tag us before receiving your prize. Tag or Hashtag @AmericasTriviaHost, @SlowJamastan and @JackTriviaLive.

CLICK HERE to register to Win The Sultan’s Cash!