June 11th, 2022


Las Vegas: Think of it as the G20 Summit but for countries like Slowjamastan.

Once a year, micronations around the world come together for a special conference where kings, queens, emperors, prime ministers, presidents, and yes, even sultans, can all be seen in the same room together.

This year’s MicroCon takes place at Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Unites States of America, from August 5th through the 7th, and The Sultan wants you to be there.

“I would be absolutely delighted to see our citizens, allies and admirers in attendance at MicroCon,” said The Sultan. “We could all do shots, take selfies and hate on Crocs together. It will be a lovely time, for sure!”



Confirmed to be at Microcon 2022: The Sultan of Slowjamastan, His Excellency Randy Williams; Chief Border Patrol Agent Mark Corona; Director of Emergency Services, Rescue Rick; Press Secretary Tim Richards; Governor Caliva and Governess Speckmeyer (State of Donsam Wadi); and Governor Palmer (States of Palmerstan and Upper Palmerstan).  

Just confirmed: Citizens #16 and #200 – Kathy and Melissa!

Leaders from other micronations in attendance include President Kevin Baugh of Molossia and this year’s host and organizer, Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica and Duke Jordan of the Bear Peninsula. So far, members of 28 micronations have registered to take part in the three-day conference.



Ready to join us at MicroCon 2022? Just GO HERE for all the information and to register.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you sign up, make sure to indicate you are representing Slowjamastan. 

IMPORTANTER NOTE: Registration to the public is closed – but here’s a special Slowjamastan VIP “Last Minute” registration formGO HERE.

“Any person – citizen or not – who registers and attends Microcon 2022 to stand with Slowjamastan will receive a special commendation and will live forever in the heart of The Sultan,” said an emotional Sultan, speaking in third person. “We shall enjoy an awkwardly long and uncomfortable hug that will be sure to scar your memory forever and share many other special moments together.”

Please note The Sultan is scheduled to arrive the evening of Friday, August 5th and departs on the morning on Sunday, August 7th. Contact us if you have any questions – we’d be happy to answer any questions have or ideas you’d like to discuss.





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