February 25th, 2024


San Diego: Ah, brace yourselves for the latest spectacle from the Slowjamastan Department of Media and Communications! Behold, the grand unveiling of the 360-degree video tour showcasing their newest gem, the American Consulate in sunny San Diego, California.

Prepare to be whisked away on a riveting 17-minute odyssey through the labyrinthine corridors and obscure nooks of this enigmatic consulate, all graciously hosted by none other than our illustrious Sultan himself. Marvel at the wonders that await as you are regaled with glimpses of the exterior majesty and interior opulence of our esteemed diplomatic outpost.



But wait, there’s more! Feast your eyes upon the inner sanctum of the Intelligence Department’s lair, where secrets are whispered and schemes concocted. And yes, you heard it right, you’ll even catch a tantalizing glimpse of The Sultan’s personal quarters! From his ostentatious collection of headwear to the infamous “Red Phone” and a tequila bar that puts all others to shame, it’s no small wonder that this Consulate has clinched the prestigious title of “Best Consulate” for not one, but two consecutive years.

So strap in, dear viewers, as you’re granted exclusive access to one of the most buzzed-about and fortified consulates on the planet. Truly, a tour fit for kings, or at the very least, a Sultan and his entourage.

You may start your tour HERE.

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