Sultan’s Stroke of Genius: Artist Neil Myers Appointed Minister of Oil and Paint

March 30th, 2024


In a move that has left the art world spinning on its easel, The Sultan has bestowed a brushstroke of brilliance upon his administration by appointing American artist Neil Myers as the Minister of Oil and Paint. The announcement has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, leaving many wondering if the Sultan has finally lost his marbles or if he’s simply painting outside the lines of convention.

Born and raised in the quaint town of Elkin, North Carolina, Neil Myers’ journey to the hallowed halls of government began with humble beginnings. His artistic prowess was nurtured from a young age by none other than his mother, who wielded charcoal and acrylic like a maestro conducting a symphony. Selling his first paintings as a teenager and earning a solo exhibition at a local gallery, Myers’ ascent in the art world was as swift as it was unexpected.

While his formal education led him down the path of French literature with a sprinkle of English, Myers’ true education was forged in the fires of his own creativity. Self-taught and unapologetically so, he honed his craft through a combination of passion, practice, and a penchant for pushing boundaries.

But it wasn’t just the hills of North Carolina that shaped Myers’ artistic vision. His globetrotting adventures took him from the cobblestone streets of France to the rugged landscapes of New Zealand, each locale leaving an indelible mark on his canvas. Settling finally in the sun-soaked deserts of Tucson, Arizona, Myers found his muse amidst the cacti and crimson sunsets, establishing his permanent studio in a homage to the wild, wild West.


Pictured: The Sultan (clearly on a Casual Friday), Luka Myers, Neil Myers.

Myers’ meteoric rise to artistic acclaim has been nothing short of spectacular, with his works gracing the glossy pages of prestigious publications such as Southwest Art Magazine, Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, and even catching the discerning eye of the Arizona Daily Star. Influenced by the likes of French artist Jean-Claude Quilici and the iconic Vincent Van Gogh, Myers’ style dances delicately on the tightrope between impressionism and expressionism, creating a tapestry of color and emotion that captivates and enthralls.

As the Sultan’s newly appointed Minister of Oil and Paint, Neil Myers brings a fresh perspective to the world of politics, injecting a splash of creativity into the often staid and monochromatic corridors of power. With his palette of ideas and brushstrokes of innovation, Myers is poised to revolutionize the role, proving once and for all that art knows no bounds, and neither does the Sultan’s penchant for the unexpected. So buckle up, folks, because in the Sultanate, anything can happen – and with Neil Myers at the helm, it’s sure to be a masterpiece.

Now You Can Own Neil Myers’ “Slowjamastan” Masterpiece
A limited number of official prints of “Slowjamastan” by Neil Myers has been made available by the artist. Reserve your copy HERE.

Visit Neil Myers official website HERE and follow him on Instagram: @neilmyersfineart

Become a member of Parliament or an Ambassador of Slowjamastan HERE.


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