Sultan Urges Serenity as Outraged Citizens Demand Answers

May 9th, 2024


Dublândia: In a shocking turn of events in The Republic of Slowjamastan, a nation known for its strict fashion laws and impeccable sense of style, two daring young females were apprehended for committing the gravest of crimes: wearing Crocs within the sovereign borders of the country.


The incident, which unfolded on April 27th, sent shockwaves throughout the fashion police department and sparked outrage among the populace. Eyewitnesses reported that the perpetrators were swiftly surrounded by vigilant citizens, their neon-colored footwear serving as a beacon of shame in an otherwise pristine environment.

Amidst the chaos, our dear Sultan, renowned for his impeccable taste and unwavering commitment to sartorial excellence, happened to be in the vicinity. Rushing to the scene with all the gravitas befitting his esteemed position, the Sultan wasted no time in assessing the gravity of the situation.


The lollipop licking Jane Doe and her sister Jennifer appear to be stunned by The Sultan’s sudden appearance. Fearing the worst, their father, clutching his favorite daughter tight. photo: Justin Chapman.
Two gave offenses.

While the penalty for such a heinous offense is typically severe—banishment from the nation and eternal condemnation to the realm of fashion purgatory—the Sultan shocked the nation with an unprecedented display of mercy. Despite calls for swift and decisive punishment from some quarters, the Sultan, in his infinite wisdom, decided to spare the perpetrators from immediate incarceration.

“These young girls have strayed from the path of fashion righteousness,” declared the Sultan in a solemn address to the nation. “But let it be known that mercy still flows through the veins of our great republic. Though they shall be banished from our lands and forever barred from grace our runways, let their plight serve as a cautionary tale to all who would dare to defy the sacred laws of style.”


Damn right!

The Sultan’s decision to show leniency towards the offenders has sparked heated debate across Slowjamastan. While some praise his compassionate gesture as a sign of a benevolent ruler, others fear that it sets a dangerous precedent for future fashion transgressions.

“Our Sultan may be merciful today, but who’s to say he won’t crack down with even greater severity tomorrow?” questioned one concerned citizen, clutching their non-Croc wearing child with trembling hands. “We must uphold the sanctity of our fashion code at all costs, lest we descend into the chaos of sartorial anarchy.”


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Just don’t do it.

Indeed, the Crocs controversy serves as a stark reminder to all citizens of Slowjamastan: the stakes of fashion are higher than ever before. In a world where every step is a statement and every outfit a manifesto, one wrong move could spell disaster.

So, let us heed the Sultan’s warning and teach our children well. Let us instill in them the values of impeccable taste and unwavering adherence to the sacred laws of style. For in the ever-shifting landscape of fashion, there is no room for error—and certainly no room for Crocs.


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