Some items may be Delayed…

Please be advised that due to a sudden and unexpected increase in demand, premium citizen listings, Parliament/Ambassador appointments and some merchandise shipments may be delayed. The Sultan thanks you profusely for your patience and understanding and is working overtime to fulfill all orders at the fastest rate humanly possible. After all, The Sultan’s a normal person like you – he too, puts his pants on two legs at a time.

What happened? 

On June 8th, CNN broke the news of Slowjamastan to the world, and soon after, THOUSANDS of news reports from over 100 countries had reported on our nation. In other words, we went viral. The Sultan’s small team of indentured servants instantly became inundated and overwhelmed with orders and become buried in an avalanche to merchandise requests. No one died, but a couple of suffered hypertension, anxiety, back aches and incontinence.   

When Will I get my Order? 

Some merch is still shipping at normal speeds (all apparel, flags, mugs); however there is a delay on: Dubles, passports, postcards, pins and license plates.  We endeavor to send out all merch (except for passports) within 15-30 days of your order.


Multiple Shipments / Products

Be advised if you ordered multiple items, they may arrives as different, separate shipments, on different dates. Our merch ships from multiple locations around the world.

What About Premium Citizenship and Parliament/Ambassador Appointments? 

There’s a delay on this too, but rest-assured we are processing these ASAP! Make sure to check your SPAM and JUNK folders for any emails from The Sultan. Often, the American government will purposely intercept our email communications. Be vigilant! 

What are my Options?

You can chill for a couple weeks or request a refund. We will honor all refunds for anything not shipped yet, however, we hope you’ll simply “chill for a little bit” while we get our sh*t together. Our merch and political appointments are being expedited as quickly as possible, too.


Check your SPAM/JUNK folders for communications from Slowjamastan! The Americans (and other governments) are trying to intercept our messages. Often, our emails regarding your orders get sent to spam folders and never seen. Add us to your “safe” list now please: (replace # with @).


Thank YOU!!! 

Thank you so much for ordering merchandise and extras from The Republic of Slowjamastan! We are a tax-free nation: Instead of forcing unfair taxes on our citizens (and then squandering the money), we depend on voluntary merchandise purchases to help fund and build our nation. All proceeds go directly to growing and maintaining our great nation!  Thank you for being a part of Slowjamastan!


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