Comiccon Capers, Law tango, and More Avocados Than you can Guac-omprehend!


August 26, 2023



Los Angeles – In a whirlwind frenzy that lasted a whole 45 days (which is like a lightning bolt in the land of Slow Jams), The Republic of Slowjamastan flexed its sluggish might like never before!

Kicking off the excitement in Los Angeles, The Sultan and the Chief Porder Batrol Agent embarked on a mission to enlighten the world about the glory of Slowjamastan. They had foreign media representatives scratching their heads in bewilderment as they tried to decipher the enigma that is Slowjamastan. Fans cheered, while skeptics couldn’t decide if they were witnessing a cultural awakening or a grand parade of confusion.


Slowjamastan on KTLA TV 5 Los Angeles! (l-r) Anchor Pedro Rivera, Lauren Lyster, The Sultan, Secret Service, Mark Corona, Anchor Kacey Montoya.


Zooming back home, The Motherland witnessed the grand unveiling of Slowjamastan’s latest masterpiece – the Croc-deterrent fittingly named “The CROCKADE!” Yes, because nothing says ‘national progress’ like battling the Croc invasion. The ceremony was a true spectacle, with citizens marveling at this cutting-edge contraption that made Crocs quake in their rubber soles.


Citizen Kevin Key tries out “The Crocade!”


And behold, Chicago became the center of international diplomacy as The Sultan and his parliament ventured to Microcon 2023. They rubbed shoulders with global leaders, even making time for a TV appearance on WGN – because what’s diplomacy without a dash of showbiz? Of course, no international trip is complete without a bit of sports, so our diplomatic heroes indulged in an American baseball game at Wrigley Field, probably leaving the locals baffled about the whereabouts of Slowjamastan on the world map.


Microcon 2023 (l-r) Secret Service agent Beau Duran, The Sultan, President “Hank” from Hankland, Rescue Rick.
Cubs game with The Sultan and Guv’nahs Speckmeyer and Caliva from DonSam Wadi and Snook from Snooklyn.


But hold your horses, Batman! Or should we say, move over for The Sultan and the enigmatic Agent Corona, who rocked the house at Comic Con International. People from all corners of the world gathered to witness this dynamic duo, unsure if they were at a pop culture event or a surreal comedy show.


ComicCon: The Sultan meets his childhood idol, artist Mark Kistler (and Zebtron) from The Secret City (PBS).


In a twist worthy of a slow-motion thriller, Chief Porder Batrol Agent Mark Corona was detained by foreign authorities during a daring journey to a “routine” training session. The Sultan, demonstrating patience rivaling the pace of a snail’s crawl, wisely called for peace and justice. After all, why rush when you can slowly savor diplomacy?



Last but certainly not least, The Sultan exhibited his supreme culinary prowess at the International “Guac-Off” back in San Diego. The result was as predictable as a snail’s trail – Slowjamastan emerged victorious, leaving taste buds forever haunted by the guacamole ecstasy they once experienced.


The Sultan holds his “Silver Avocado” (first place) proud at The International Guac-Off. He’s been “guac’n off” since he was small Sultan!


And so, in a haze of bewilderment, amusement, and the inescapable question of whether this was all a satirical dream, The Republic of Slowjamastan left the world gasping for both breath and understanding.




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