The Sultan bewildered and befuddled at this strange piece of paper mailed to him by The City of San Diego.


Breaking News: Parking Ticket Sparks Tension Between Slowjamastan and United States

April 9th, 2024


San Diego: In a shocking turn of events, the unbreakable bond between Slowjamastan and the United States has been rattled by a seemingly innocuous parking ticket. The incident, which occurred over the weekend, has sent shockwaves through diplomatic circles, leaving citizens on both sides of the alliance scratching their heads.


The Republic of Slowjamastan Official Pieway Hatrol Vehicle.


Details of the incident remain murky, but sources close to the situation suggest that a diplomatic vehicle from Slowjamastan incurred a parking violation while visiting the San Diego International Airport. While the exact nature of the violation are yet to be confirmed, it appears to have triggered a flurry of diplomatic correspondence.

Slowjamastan’s response to the alleged infraction has been nothing short of diplomatic brilliance. In a move reminiscent of a seasoned chess player, they have invoked the “Freedom to Stumble Upon Information Act,” a piece of legislation renowned for its strategic ambiguity.


Official response from Slowjamastan.



Affidavit from The Sultan.


However, the United States, known for its penchant for order and bureaucracy, has not taken kindly to Slowjamastan’s legal maneuvering. Sources within the State Department describe the response as a mix of bewilderment and mild irritation.

“We pride ourselves on upholding the rule of law,” one anonymous official remarked, “but this…this is a parking ticket. Are we really going to let a parking ticket derail decades of diplomatic goodwill?”

Meanwhile, in Slowjamastan, citizens have taken to social media to express their bemusement at the situation. Memes featuring parking meters adorned with both the Slowjamastan and American flags have been circulating widely, accompanied by witty captions poking fun at the absurdity of it all.


Citizens hit the streets to protest this injustice, while The Sultan calls for peace.


In the midst of this diplomatic kerfuffle, both nations have reassured the public that efforts are underway to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably. However, with tensions simmering beneath the surface, it remains to be seen whether this parking ticket will be relegated to the annals of diplomatic trivia or escalate into a full-blown international incident.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on this riveting saga of parking, diplomacy, and the enduring quest for harmony between nations.


UPDATE: May 2nd, 2024
First appeal (online) denied. The Sultan’s legal team files second online appeal and administrative hearing.


UPDATE: May 15th, 2024
Second appeal (online) denied. Our next step is an in-person court appearance – another waste of Slowjamastan taxpayer money and The Sultan’s precious time.

“Our legal team is absolutely the best, folks. Nobody better. We’re going to win big, believe me. Total victory!” Exclaimed the riled but never rattled Sultan.” Exclaimed the riled but never rattled Sultan. “We’re being totally set up by these American parking enforcement bullies, folks. It’s clear as day. This is a total witch hunt, believe me. And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of Croc-wearing going on in that department. It’s a disgrace!”

Stay tuned for updates, including our court date and location.

As always, The Sultan calls for calm on the streets.


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