May 20th, 2023



Dublândia, Slowjamastan: Under 10,000 Slowjamastani citizens, neighbors, allies and onlookers flocked to The Republic to witness a Slowjamastan first, as the young but mighty nation welcomed its very first diplomatic visit from a sitting President. Meet The Republic of Molossia’s President Kevin Baugh and First Lady Adrianne Baugh. They were received by Governor and Governess of DonSamWadi, Donald Caliva and Samantha Speckmeyer and cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd of Slowjamafans, some who’d camped out for under three days for a chance to get a glimpse at Molossian royalty. During the ceremonies, the Molossian flag was raised, special hors d’oeuvres  were on hand, and The President and First Lady received the very first “Key to Slowjamastan.” Now, if The Sultan’s ever locked out, he can phone Molossia for help.


Special thanks to C.J. Stewart and Eric Hanscom for contributing to this story.


Enjoy these documentaries on the historic event, produced by Slowjamastan’s very own loyal citizens!



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