June 4th, 2023



Dublândia: Earlier this morning, The Sultan announced his attendance at Microcon 2023, being held Saturday, July 1st in Joliet, Illinois. The Sultan will attend the international conference of micronations, along with Slowjamastan Parliament, allies, supporters and friends. Security will be on high alert as Pro-Croc demonstrators are expected to descend on the conference.

The Sultan said, “Rabble Rousers will be dealt with accordingly. There will be no tolerance for Crocs, whether inside our great nation or during this diplomatic visit in America. A wise man once said, ‘F**k around and find out.’”

The Sultan welcomes all citizens and friends of Slowjamastan to join His Excellency on July 1st. Registration for the Saturday conference is $65 US dollars. IMPORTANT: When you register, make sure to type SLOWJAMASTAN under “delegation.

Confirmed in attendance:
The Sultan – His Excellency Randy Williams
Chief Porder Batrol Agent – Mark Corona
Governess of Snooklyn – Kathy Snook
Governess of Higher Wadi – Samantha Speckmeyer
Director Emergency Services – Rescue Rick
Supervisor of The Streets – Beau Duran
Ted Nims – Slowjamastani Citizen




Note that there will also be a European Microcon in Belgium this August – The Sultan will attend…but then, not another Microcon until 2025. So don’t miss this one!

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Here are some of the best moments from Microcon 2022:



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